Upgrades and refit

Major upgrades and improvements by system

There have been series of upgrades and improvement made to On Delay since 2011.

  1. Her previous owners carried out extensive work in 2011, including new running rigging, new through-hulls, upgraded helm seat, new electronics, new 13.5KW generator, new dive compressor and tanks, new underwater lights, new memory foam mattresses, and more.
  2. In 2012, when we took ownership of On Delay, we made a number of additional upgrades including to the charging system, installation of new life raft, new drogue, alarm system, batteries, trampoline and more.
  3. In September 2013, we were struck by lightning in the Las Brisas anchorage in Panama City. The enforced stop while we attended to the replacement and upgrade of almost everything on the boat containing electronics also gave us the time to make a number of other repairs and upgrades while we had access to skilled workers. We repaired a leaking hull-deck joint and a number of minor leaks, rebedded all of the windows, refinished both tables with seven coats of two-part polyurethane, had all interior and exterior cushions, curtains, and table-covers replaced.  We installed our long awaited new sails… Not to mention that we installed a sophisticated lightning protection system designed by Ewen Thomas Ph.D. of Marine Lightning Systems. These upgrades are summarized below, and the lightning protection system is described in this page.
Sails and riggingNew jib and mainsail made by Island Planet from Premium Challenge Marblehead Dacron.
Incorporates 26% third reef for heavy weather.
Used symmetrical spinnaker.2013
New aluminum spinnaker pole.2013
New technical (Vectran / Spectra) mainsail running rigging.2013
New halyard, outhaul, reefing lines, topping lift.2013
Roller furler completely rebuilt.2013
Gooseneck completely rebuilt with bushings machined and pressed into worn ovals at mast and boom. All new nylon washers.2013
Traveler car rebuilt with bronze bushings machined and pressed into worn ovals.2013
New easy-walk ocean-grade trampoline.2013
Electrical systemsNew Deka 900AH gel battery bank and emergency battery.2012
Magnum 3112 160A 3000W combi-charger inverter.2012
Upgrade of Magnum 3112 combi-charger control board allowing for more efficient charge options.2013
Installed Xantrex EchoCharger.2012
Installed Sterling alternator to battery charger controller for greater charging efficiency.2012
Added a fifth solar panel and upgraded solar charge controller.2012
PlumbingTwo new Jabsco electric heads installed.2012
Replaced port hot water heater.2013
Replaced T&P valve and installed new pencil zinc on starboard water heater.2013
ElectronicsNew Raymarine instruments and SeatalkNG network.2013
New Vesper 8000 AIS and Wi-Fi multiplexer.2013
New Raymarine EV2 advanced autopilot corepack and 9-axis compass.2013
New Bullet wi-fi antenna.2013
Installed custom-wired exterior microphone for VHF.2013
Garmin 20xx high-speed GPS + GLONASS.2013
Hull & deckHull deck joint repaired.2013
Additional minor leaks fixed.2013
Salon windows removed, fiberglass reinforced, and windows re-bedded.2013
Ablative bottom paint applied.2013
New zincs installed.2012/2013
New teak on transoms / sugar-scoops and teak in cockpit refinished.2012
Lightning & galvanic protectionIn conjunction with Marine Lightning Protection consultant specialist Ewen Thomson Ph.D. and Andromeda Yachts PMA installed integrated: (i) Lightning protection system utilizing air-gap and Siedarc electrodes (ii) Through-hull bonding system, (iii) Surge protection on all major electronics.2013
CosmeticInterior cushions reupholstered.2013
New exterior cushions.2013
Interior and exterior tables refinished.2013
New exterior table cover.2013
SafetyNew storm jib by EP sails.2013
Viking 8-person life-raft (5-years between repacking).2012
Jordan series drogue.2012
Installed remote controlled 120db "panic button" alarm.2012
Installed bilge alarm system.2012
MiscellaneousNew compass.2013
Installed removable salon grab-rail system.2012
Replaced all pencil zincs on boat.2013
Upgraded freezer control boards for greater efficiency.2012
Rebuilt windlass clutch system with better-than-original bronze parts.2012
Rebuilt water-maker low pressure and high pressure pumps and replaced control and power board.2013
Magnum BBQ.2012
Rod holder.2011